Bali is a perfect place if you prefer a tropical region for your holiday. Clean and beautiful beaches, astonishing tropical nightlife entertainment, and unique culture are the main reason why Bali is so popular for local and international tourists. You can visit several great places when in Bali and here are the 7 most popular place in Bali for your perfect tropical holiday.


Ubud is famous for its villages and rice fields. There is also a mountain and river, a beautiful natural horizon perfect for relaxing yourself. This natural feeling is the main attraction of Ubud. Aside from its nature, Ubud also has a great culture and art. The people here are very connected with the local arts and culture. You can find local people work as a painter, dancer, or handicraft artist. This is why in the main road of Ubud, there are a lot of museums and stores that sell handicraft made by local people.

Around Ubud, you can find hotels with good rates. You can also find a cheaper place to stay in the city. If you love nature, museum, and art, Ubud is the perfect place for you to go. You can find many art galleries, musical art performance, and dance performance you can find almost every night in Ubud.

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is a good place if you want to spend more money. This is because the city is very accustomed to fancy hotels and restaurants, also the cleanliness and environment are wonderful. Aside from the fancy places, Nusa Dua is also famous for its white sand beaches. If you love a less crowded and cleaner place, then Nusa Dua is probably better for you rather than Kuta.

Nusa Dua is located in the south-east of Bali. The distance from the capital of Bali, Denpasar is approximately around 40km. If you are coming from the Ngurah Rai International Airport, the distance is about 8km or around 30 minutes by car. The famous beach in Nusa Dua is Samuh, Mengiat, Sawangan, and Geger. All of them are clean white sand beaches.


Seminyak is a total opposite of Legian and Kuta, wherein both places you can find cheap hotels, crowded places, affordable food, and many nightlife entertainments. Seminyak is identical with a private villa and high-class hotels and places. There are many luxury private villas you can get in Seminyak. The shopping places in the city are also selling class one product. Aside from that, you can find fancy spa massage, restaurants, and five-star bar. Simply said Seminyak is an elite place for both domestic and international tourists because there are many fancy facilities. Seminyak becomes the barometer of a fancy travel destination in Bali.


Kuta is the main attraction for tourist in Bali. Kuta is a long expanse of white sand beach. Also, the waves here are very great for mid to pro level surfer. That is why you can find a lot of surfing equipment stores around the beach. Aside from the beach, Kuta also offers you varied place for your stay during your holiday. The price range of places for your stay can be very cheap or expensive, it depends on your pick.  The food around Kuta is considerably cheaper compared to other travel destination in Bali.

When the night comes, Kuta will become more active. There is a lot of nightlife entertainment scattered across the city. If you are a person who loves the nightlife in a tropical region, then Kuta is the best place for you.


Amed is famous for its sunrise beaches and also the underwater life, so you can find many diving or snorkeling places around the city. There is a lake on the edge of the beach, a great place for a diving training. Also, the coral reef around the area can be reached by swimming in 5 minutes. The access from the airport to this location is approximately 102km to the east.

The place is located in the most eastern part of Bali, exactly in Amed village, Abang, Karangasem district, Bali. there are many facilities to support the tourism in the area such a restaurant, bungalow, ATM machine, hotel, and also diving and snorkeling services. When you are in Amed, you can get a car rental service for your travel during your holiday. As time goes on, Amed becomes more and more popular for both domestic and international tourists to seek a different holiday experience in Bali.


If you want to go on holiday in the northern area of Bali, then you can visit the Lovina beach. The beach is very calming, has a black-chromatic sand, and a natural place for dolphins to gather. The dolphins are the main attraction in Lovina beach because often times, you can see hundreds of dolphins in the morning just 1km from the beach. Watching a lot of dolphins jumping and passing by your ship is a unique experience for your holiday in Bali. The sunset here is also quite nice and comparable with Kuta. Aside from the beach, there are other places ready to be visited such as Vihara Buddha, Gigit waterfall, and Banjar hot water spring.

The center of activities in Lovina is located 10km away from the Singaraja town. As time goes by, the area around Lovina has become more and more attractive especially in North Bali. You can find accommodations, bars, beach sports, restaurants, art gallery, and shops, etc. As for your place to stay in Lovina, you can either pick the cheap or expensive one, depending on your budget. As the main attraction for tourist in Singaraja, Lovina is a hidden gem located in the northern part of Bali.


The beaches around Sanur have white sand and considerably shallower compared to other places like Kuta or Seminyak. Also, you may find may colorful fishing ships owned by the local fisherman. The beach in Sanur often times used for hunting sunrise and as a pre-wedding photoshoot background.

The wave around the beach of Sanur is not as wild as in Kuta, so you may find the beach is not too surf-able. But the calm sea water allows you to do snorkeling on diving. One of the famous beaches in Sanur is the Sunrise beach. There, you can find the most beautiful sunrise in Bali at around 5.30 a.m. So, you may find the beach a little bit crowded around that time.

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