Bali, known as the island of Gods really has everything the travelers want. From majestic mountains and beautiful coral reefs to lush green forests and white sand beaches, Bali has everything. Bali is located in Indonesia and is also known as a beautiful tourist spot. Various tourists from all over the world admire the beauty of Bali. Do you want to know more about the paradise island? Please kindly check the information below.

About Bali

Until the beginning of the 20th century, Bali was still completely conquered by the Dutch. At that time, many people from Europe came. This has become an initial milestone for tourists. However, Bali is not only the arrival of foreigners as travelers but also for many of the cultural observers and devotees who come to record the uniqueness of Balinese art and culture.

After many artists visited this fascinating island, news spread about the beauty and unique culture on the island of Bali in parts of Europe. Admiration for the land of Bali caused the foreigners to give the titles to this island, like The Island of Gods, The Island of Thousand Temples, The Paradise Island, The Morning of the World, and many other names of praise.

Why Bali is so popular

What makes Bali so special for many travelers, actually? Maybe some of these reasons simply answer the sense of why this one place is always interesting, even though it has been repeatedly visited:

  1. Bali is the most accessible island among the other beautiful small islands in Indonesia.

Indonesia is a beautiful country. It keeps a thousand islands that store beauty, from volcanoes to white sand beaches bordering the ocean. However, not all of this beauties can be reached easily. Bali presents beauty that is more accessible than many other islands in Indonesia.

2. The people of Bali understand the most appropriate way to maintain and offer the island natural beauties to its visitors.

For decades Balinese have always succeeded in making their island a first-class tourist destination in Indonesia. This popularity is certainly not a situation created by itself. It only exists and continues to survive because they are aware of all the tourism potential that the island has. Mountains, rivers, beaches, swamps, even zoos, Balinese people and the government take all the tourism potential seriously.

3. No matter what your social status is when you come there Bali will accept you completely.

Anyone can come to Bali, even you who have a mediocre budget. In Bali, there is an alley of Poppies Lane, a paradise for cheap lodging where you can stay overnight at affordable prices. Not only have a variety of cheap accommodations, if you have more money and want to feel the sensation of staying at a luxurious hotel, but Bali also has many choices of star hotels.

4.  Bali accommodates all visitors’ interests.

From those who like to dive to fond of nightlife or those who come with family to those who come with girlfriends, Bali will become the perfect place to spend the holiday. This place offers various types of activities that can be tried. From natural attractions to sparkling nightlife, everything is available. You can choose it according to taste and of course the pocket you have. Bali like a department store provides all the choices desired by its tourists. This condition makes Bali feel so attractive to be visited by various types of tourists. For those who love nature, culture, and religion, Bali becomes the perfect destination. Besides, you can also visit Bali either with family or friends.

Bali is like a complete entertainment package for everyone. For that reason, many foreigners who do not want to lift their legs out of Indonesia after falling in love with Bali. Every corner of the city in Bali is charming, the beaches imply peace, lots of challenging climbing locations, pleasant residents, various kinds of culinary delights from various countries with a wide range of prices.

The right time to visit Bali

The best time to visit Bali is usually during the summer. June to August is the driest month with pleasant temperatures. For those who want to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of Bali, go during that time. Besides, during summer, visitors can sunbathe and capture the moment well. Not only that, but visitors are also able to go anywhere without having to carry an umbrella or coat. However, if you want to enjoy Bali in the summer, you must be willing to share the space with other visitors. Because during that time, Bali will be filled with many tourists.

Actually, there will be no problem taking the risk of visiting Bali during the rainy season. The rainy season lasts from November to February. Even though the weather is hot, in December Bali will be filled with tourists who will celebrate Christmas and New Year.

What you can do in Bali

Before going to tourist attractions in Bali, note the following interesting list of activities that will make your day.

1. Visiting the Temple

Nearly 85% of Bali population is Hindu. With such a percentage, you can easily find Pura (temple) in almost every location. Some temples in Bali are often used as tourist objects, in addition to places of worship for Balinese Hindus, of course. Thousands of temples fill the mainland of Bali with a very strong and a distinctive character. No wonder that Bali gets the nickname of the Thousand Pura Island.

2. Diving and Snorkeling

For those who are nature lovers, especially the underwater world, diving, and snorkeling might be the most suitable activity to do in Bali. Bali has the most famous diving spots, with beautiful coral reefs and various fish that are fun to look at or captured in the camera.

3. Visit the Spa

It would be perfect to visit the spa to pamper our bodies and restore our drained energy after we finished doing activities that gave us a lot of sweat. Or if you do not do exhausting activities, at least you can let go of fatigue and eliminate the stress. In Bali, there are many spa treatment places to visit to luxuriate ourselves for a moment.

4. Study Balinese culture in Ubud

Ubud is the city that became the most famous city in Bali after the publication of the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. This place is still the best place for observing Balinese culture. Lots of beautiful temples, historical places, Balinese dance performances, the Monkey Temple, and some delicious food can be found at this location.

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