Most frequent questions and answers

Facilities vary between buses, so please make sure you tell our reservation staff if you want exceptional amenities on your bus. Options include free WiFi, power outlets, onboard toilets, flat-screen TVs, DVD players, AM/FM radios, air conditioning, and reclining seats. And, of course, every bus that we have comes with the services of a professional driver and tour guide.

The cost of your bus rental will depend on how far you travel, from which area you start in Bali, how many hours you travel, the size of the bus, and the facilities you need. Check out our pricing guide for more information, then call us at +6285-737-08-2003 or email at info@gedebalitransport.com for special offers.

The minimum rental period for bus and minibus rentals is 5 hours.

Some customers ask for all-white or black buses for their weddings or corporate events. We can not guarantee that the color you request will be available in our company, but we will do everything to make it happen.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to visit the bus in person until it arrives to pick you up. However, once you make a reservation, you can request a picture of your motorcoach.

Yes, food and drinks are allowed on most motorcoaches as long as passengers pick up trash and clean up spills afterward. Many bus providers ask you not to bring glass bottles and messy food. If your group does not clean themselves thoroughly, you may be charged a $50 cleaning fee.

Most of our partners are happy to accommodate groups wishing to drink alcohol during their trip. However, please speak to our representative beforehand if you plan to bring alcohol on the bus. Also, note that if you spill something or make a mess, your group will be responsible for paying a $50 cleaning fee.

Yes! The sound system and AUX cable are available upon request. About playing music on the bus, please chat with our reservation staff in advance so we can accommodate your request.

No. Our team will plan the best route and parking space for your trip. However, it would help if you had a detailed itinerary before calling that includes all the places you want to visit and where you will be staying so we can map your route and parking more effectively.

It is not required but is always highly recommended and appreciated. We recommend that you bring 5-10% of your rental fee in cash and give it to your driver at the end of your trip.

Once you have booked your charter bus to hold your reservation, we require you to pay (30%) of the total cost. Deposits can vary, so we’ll let you know how much you owe when you call.

We require you to pay in full 30 days before your trip. If you book less than 30 days in advance, you may have to pay in full when making your reservation. We’ll let you know when and how much you need to pay when you contact us.
Anymore question? Call us at +6285-737-08-2003 or email at info@gedebalitransport.com.


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