How Much Does a Charter Bus Rental Cost?

Getting your travel budget? Gede Bali Transport is ready to help! There are several factors that will determine the cost of your trip, but for your reference, we have included the average charter bus rental prices below. Feel free to use tables to help you calculate, but please note that these are examples only and are subject to change.

How We Calculate Your Rental Price

It’s hard to know exactly how much a bus rental in Bali will cost until you ask for a personalized quote, as the prices of bus rental depend on a variety of factors. The following is a breakdown of the most influential cost factors:

  • How far your bus has to travel in Bali: If you rent a bus for a long trip it will of course cost more than a shorter trip. However, how you calculate your price may differ depending on how long your trip is supposed to last. For example, a one-day event lasting only a few hours (such as a field trip or a wedding) might be priced by the hour, whereas a multi-day event (such as a sports tournament or long-term employee shuttle) might be priced per day. or per mile.
  • How many days you need it: Similar to the point above, a trip that lasts a few days will cost you more than a day of travel. That’s why before you call to book, we always recommend making an itinerary (although it might change slightly!) That way, we can give you the most accurate quote for your transportation in Bali based on where you’ll be taking the bus.
  • What time you travel: Charter bus rental sees “busy season” like any other industry. Our busy season usually occurs in April, May, and June, due to summer family trips, graduations, proms and other big events. You can usually expect higher fares for travel during this period, but booking in advance will help us ensure you stay paired with the best bus at the best price.
  • Where will you be picked up and dropped off in Bali: Charter buses are easier to get in major areas like Nusa Dua or Sanur, due to the higher population. However, some older main areas such as Kuta and Seminyak may have fewer buses available due to narrow roads and limited areas that are friendly to chartered buses. Meanwhile, the availability of buses in the suburbs will vary depending on the location. Your quote will also take into account downtime, which means the time your bus spends reaching you when there are no passengers on board. So, your starting and ending locations are very important when it comes to the price of your charter bus! Try to have the exact address in Bali for your pick-up and drop-off location when you call or email to book your bus, so we can give you the most accurate quote. A bus drives on a long road until the sun goes down
  • (Chartered bus, minibus, shuttle) What type of bus do you want: Full-size charter buses often cost more than smaller minibuses, but if you divide the cost of the full-size bus 55 directions, the cost per – people fees don’t seem too bad. Your reservation specialist will help detail your desired bus fare so you won’t be surprised.
  • What special amenities do you request: Many amenities, such as WiFi, luxury seating and ADA accessible features, come standard on every bus model. Other amenities, such as in-flight toilets, televisions with DVD players, and power outlets may incur additional charges. If you want to make a special request, let our reservation specialist know and we’ll make sure that request is reflected in your bus offer.
  • Keep in mind: You may also have to pay tolls, parking and room for your driver if you are traveling overland. For exact offers, you can call or email our reservation specialists at any time at

Tips for Keeping Bus Rental Costs Down

As you organize your travel details, here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re concerned about price:

  • Book early. We recommend calling 1-6 months before your trip to Bali to get the best bus at the best price. This gives our team plenty of time to provide the best bus for you.
  • Consider the cost per person. Prices often seem expensive upfront when deciding on a charter bus, but when you get a quote, consider how much each passenger will pay when you divide the total. Some of our travel examples below will show you that often the cost of renting a bus or renting a bus per person is equal to or less than the cost of alternative transportation, but buses are always cheaper for group trips!
  • Complete your passanger count. You don’t want to be stuck with a 45-passenger minibus when you only need room for 35 people. On the other hand, you don’t want to book a single 35-passenger bus if there’s a chance that more people will arrive. Finish your employee count early to ensure that you don’t 1) pay for more space than you need or 2) change your lease to include a higher-priced vehicle. Plus, the fuller your bus, the lower the cost per person.
  • Schedule your trip out of season. As we said earlier, our peak season usually occurs during April, May, June, August and December so prices are often higher for trips that take place during those months. The rainy months (January, February, and March) often see the lowest prices.

To get an idea of what your trip might cost, take a look at the following examples:

Company Travel in Bali

E-commerce companies need to book a shuttle service for industrial events at The Nusa Dua Bali. They have requested minibuses for 23 employees that will go from Bali International Airport to Nusa Dua and then to restaurants and tourist destinations across the city. They will need a minibus for 3 days, and the bus fee is $130 per day. The Nusa Dua offers free parking, but the toll road must pay. Their total comes to:

Minibus for 3 days: $390
Highway 3 days: $9
Quantity: $399


Wedding in Uluwatu Bali

A wedding planner wants to rent a shuttle for an upcoming wedding with 48 guests (including the lucky couple). The elegant event will begin at Tirta Bali in Uluwatu and conclude with a rooftop reception at The Mulia Bali Resort Nusa Dua, and the celebration will last for 6 hours. Wedding planners have chosen one charter bus for 55 people.

Since the bus is only needed for one day, the hourly rate is $25. As parking is very limited at The Mulia Resort, they have set aside $2 to pay per hour.

Bus rental for 6 hours: $150
Parking: $12
Quantity: $162

Family Reunion in Bali

A woman wants to arrange a bus rental for her upcoming family reunion in Bali. She and 41 of her relatives were planning a vacation to the island of Bali and decided to rent a bus for transportation in Bali. Since the vacation would last four days he booked a four-day charter bus as well. The first day she needed airport transportation to her Hotel and the Hotel was not that far from the airport and the fare was $80. For day 2 she has a short 10-hour drive to visit nearby places and the fare is $150. For day 3 she has a long 10 hour drive to visit Kintamani and some nearby places and their fare is $210. 

For the last day, she needed a bus for half a day just to take their group to the souvenir shop then straight to the airport departure and their fare was $110. They also have to pay a 4 day parking fee and some toll road fees for the bus during the trip to Bali. Therefore, their costs will come out as follows:

Bus charter for 4 days: $550
Parking and toll roads during the trip: $60
Quantity: $610

bali family group travel

Plan Your Bus Rental Trip in Bali

Now that you know how much your trip will cost, you can contact Gede Bali Transport for a free personalized quote. If you like our offer and decide to book, you will need to pay a deposit to hold your reservation. Full payment we will request at least 30 days prior to travel. Need to order less than 30 days in advance? We may still be able to help you, but you may have to pay for the entire trip when you make your reservation.

You’ll also want to ask about the cancellation policy when making your reservation. If you must cancel a month or less before your travel date, unfortunately, you may not receive a refund. But If you cancel several months in advance, you will get a portion of your deposit back.


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