For those of you looking to get a good advice before visiting Bali, then you are lucky to have stumbled upon this article. Why? Simply because this article will tell you all about the small things that you need to know before you visit Bali.  You might think that they are unnecessary if you know how to properly conduct yourself, but Bali is a tad different than any other vacation spots you might have visited. With that in mind, check out these facts about Bali:

# Safety and manners facts in Bali

These two aspects are paramount for your well-being. They are also relevant to each other because there are times that your manners define how safe you are. If you want to be safe while being respectful towards the locals, then you might want to read this to the fullest.

First thing first, the sidewalks. As you might have noticed, those who have walked the sidewalks know that there are several rules that you need to understand. You must never cross the street without looking to your left and right and you must never cross the street without giving the other road users a ‘warning’ that you are about to cross the street. Follow those two basic rules to heart and you will be safe.

But hold onto your horses, folks, because the sideways talk is not done. You see, even though Bali is a place where the money flows in, that money is rarely spent on fixing the infrastructure and instead be used to further ‘empower’ Bali’s main attractions (the beaches and the area surrounding it). That is why sometimes some sidewalks can be left untreated. Some sideways have holes so deep it can harm you if you stumble into one. This should not be a problem when the sun is still up, but when the night comes, the holes can be a bit hard to see. Aside from being filled with holes, they are also very slippery when it is raining. Do not ever wear slippery shoes or footwear if you do not want a slippery journey.

  • The next fact is for the riders

No matter if you are riding a scooter or riding a car, fatal accidents can happen to you. This can happen anywhere, but Bali is somewhat scary for riders simply because it is so easy for you to get an accident here. If you drive too fast, you will get into a crash in a minute. There is no fast lane in Bali, so you better keep your pedal foot reserved here. You might also find animals crossing the road without a warning, which is another reason why you should not drive too fast.

Even when there is no animal who is crossing the road, Balinese people can be a bit daft with rules. Bali got its own one-way road, but many Balinese will not heed such a rule. They will often drive the one-way road the other way around, which is very dangerous.

You might also want to avoid driving while you are under the influence of alcohol. This is common sense, of course, but like it has been mentioned, Bali is a very dangerous place to drive on even when you are sober. If you do not want to die, avoid this like a plague.

  • Now the beaches

Bali’s beaches might be beautiful, but they are dangerous to some degree. Many good swimmers have drowned thanks to Balinese currents. The sea is hazardous depending on what time of the day you are visiting it. The aquatic animals are not that dangerous, however, so you should always be more afraid of the sea itself that what is in it. Night swimming is definitely NOT recommended because that is when the sea is very dangerous. You might want to avoid going topless as well because that is not a common thing for Indonesians to see.

  • Now for the nightlife facts

Even in places that are a bit ‘open’ like Bali, traditions and religion are still being held in high regard. Indonesia bans prostitution and drug use, so if you are going to Bali for those two reasons, then you will be disappointed.

Then again, if you want to get sex in Bali, you need to understand that HIV is rampant amongst the prostitutes. If you want to contract one, do hire one of the nightclub prostitutes because that is the place where you can definitely find it. There are red light districts, of course, but they are not very safe to roam in.

Speaking about nightclubs, the clubs in Kuta and Legian area are definitely rough. The bouncers can be very subjective sometimes, especially with recurring clients. Do not visit the nightclubs in those areas.

When it comes to the locals, Balinese are kind and friendly, especially if you respect their culture and their island. Do not go littering around and everybody will be happy. Avoid being obnoxious if you do not want to be scorned.

# All the things you need to know when handling money in Bali

Visa and Mastercard are accepted (and encouraged) in hotels and many establishments but do not expect the more isolated hotels to accept one. Traveler cheques are something that you must never count on today.

Traditional restaurants and street vendors, however, will only accept cash. You can pay them (the street vendors) in Indonesian rupiah or you can use US dollars, but chances are you will get tricked if you pay in USD. ATMs are widely available, though, so you should not be afraid if you want to do some money withdrawing. Other than USD, Australian dollar and Euro are also commonplace here. However, those establishments will only accept IDR. While the menu or the rooms might be listed in other currencies, said currency will then be converted to IDR. Always pay in IDR if you can.

For some money changing, always visit an official one. There are many small time money changers in Bali and even more of them who are a fraud, so avoid them if you do not want to lose money.

You can also bargain with street vendors if you need to do so. Their initial price can be very high, especially if you are sporting the tourist look

# Talking about the areas now

Bali is divided into several areas with their own specialties. For example, if you want to feel what it is like to go on a night beach party, Kuta is the place that you should go. If clubs and beach clubs are more of your thing, Seminyak will not do you wrong. Ubud is the more artsy place in Bali, with every hipster all over the world going to this place to get their daily dose of healthy lifestyle and yoga.

Avoiding the modern Bali is pretty easy: you just need to go to Lembongan and Ceningan. For seafood, you cannot go wrong with Jimbaran and Amed is a heaven for scuba divers.

Now that you have got your dose of good advice before visiting Bali, will you give this paradise island a try?

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