Latest Bali Travel Regulations & Travel Requirements 2022

There are two main aspects that tourists or travelers need to consider to understand which regulations apply to them, General Travel Requirements concerning Covid & Vaccination Regulations and Visa Regulations. You can plan your trip effectively with the following FAQ below to guide you through the requirements.
Latest Bali Travel Regulations & Travel Requirements 2022
  • Can I visit Bali now? Do I need a Visa?

Yes, international travelers can visit Indonesia, and some travel restrictions have been lifted. There are still obstacles that must be passed and details that must be watched out for to be able to travel and enter Indonesia in connection with the COVID Pandemic. Below the FAQ will guide you through the process.

What are the quarantine & vaccination requirements? To visit Bali, Do I need to be fully vaccinated?

You must have proof (digital/print) of Covid Vaccination (you must take the last dose 14 days before traveling to Indonesia).

Two doses or more: complete vaccination status – no more quarantine and no more PCR testing upon arrival at the airport in Bali

One dose (Johnson & Johnson counts as 2) – travelers must be quarantined for 5×24 hours at a certified hotel (CHSE) and get the 2nd PCR test on the 4th day (you can book this package with the hotel)

Children under 18 years old follow their parent/guardian’s quarantine requirements.

Travelers with co-morbidities must present a medical statement that they cannot be vaccinated.

Recover? Those who have contracted Covid within 30 days before departure, and can show an official letter that is no longer contagious (certificate of recovery), are free to take the PCR test 48 hours before departure. However, they must undergo a PCR test upon arrival at the Indonesian airport. If they are positive, they must be isolated in a hotel or hospital appointed by the government!

  • How many PCR tests should I do and when?
pcr TEST

PCR Test BEFORE Arriving in Bali / Indonesia

ALL TOURISTS or TRAVELERS must ARRIVE WITH a negative PCR test result. Travelers must take the test within 48 hours before departing from the airport where they boarded the flight to Indonesia.



PCR Test Upon Arrival in Bali / Indonesia only for sure travelers

Mandatory PCR tests upon arrival in Indonesia are only for travelers who show symptoms or have tested positive in the last 30 days but can show a letter of recovery.

The test is done at the airport before arriving at the immigration checkpoint (or port).

After entering Indonesia, these travelers must go directly to their accommodation and wait for the test results in the room. They couldn’t leave the room before receiving the PCR test (and it was negative).

  • What happens when I test positive?

Tested positive on arrival

If you are selected for a PCR test on arrival (for example, if you show symptoms) and the result comes back positive, the rules are still a bit vague, and depending on the severity of your symptoms:

with no or mild symptoms, you should be isolated in a government-designated “quarantine accommodation.” Until the PCR test comes back negative! For now, we assume this “flight accommodation” is also a certified hotel (CHSE)l. Once we have more reliable information on this, we will update this page.

If you have “moderate to severe symptoms,” you should be isolated and taken to a government hospital.

What other documents or other thing do I need to prepare to travel to Bali or Indonesia during the Pandemic?

Other requirements

Travel insurance (covers medical costs related to covid and evacuation costs)

Visa on Arrival or Visit Visa B211A, depending on the traveler’s nationality.

Download the “PeduliLindungi” application; registration for the International e-HAC (Indonesia Electronic Health Alert Card) is no longer needed.

E-CD (Electronic Custom Declaration) if you arrive in Bali

Return ticket

  • Where can I get mandatory health insurance?

Health insurance that covers costs related to covid

For now, foreign tourists (free entry visa, Visa on Arrival, and Visa B211A) still need to have health insurance that covers medical & evacuation costs related to covid. If your health or travel insurance does not cover this for Indonesia, you can purchase Jayawisata local insurance, which is accepted.

The fee is IDR 500,000 (ca. USD 35) and covers a maximum price of IDR 500,000,000 — for 30 days, and it can be paid by credit card online.

Register online: JAYAWISATA

We rarely hear from tourists that they have to show documents upon arrival, but they are still listed as one of the requirements for tourists to enter Indonesia.

  • Are there international flights to Bali?

YES. More airlines are gradually incorporating Bali again into their schedules. Singapore Air,  Qatar,  KLM, Jetstar, and many more. Check with your ticket booking website or travel agent for prices and availability.

If do you need airport transfer or tour in Bali please check Bali Transport Service for more information!
  • What is the COVID situation in Bali? Do we need to wear masks?
wear mask in bali

The overall situation is well under control. Vaccinated people are above 75%, and more people are being “encouraged.” The government continues to apply a precautionary approach. It continues to enforce Micro-Scale Social Restrictions (PPKM Regulations), updated regularly to mitigate the spread of Covid and its variants.

Expect shorter operating times for restaurants and attractions, as well as enforcement of health protocols (remote, hand washing, temperature checks)

Mandatory wearing a mask in public places (shops, beaches, malls, entering restaurants (not at a table), on a scooter, while walking on the streets)

You will need to scan the code with the Cares Protect App when visiting some places and shops.

If a foreigner is caught by the police not wearing a mask, the fine is up to IDR 1 million (ca US$75)

What is a certified hotel (CHSE)

CHSE hotels are valid and certified by the government of Indonesia to accommodate guests while adhering to quarantine regulations.

If you have one dose, you will need to be quarantined for five days (5×24 hours), and a certified hotel can only handle this.

  • Does it make sense to visit Bali via Jakarta?

 If you can’t get a flight to Bali, you can choose the option to come via Jakarta. And from Jakarta, then take a domestic flight to Bali. Airlines such as Batik Air, Citilink, Lion Air, Air Asia, and Garuda regularly fly to Bali. One-way ticket price 50-150USD.

  • Can I bring cash into Indonesia? How much?

Do not bring more than IDR 100,000,000 in cash into the country (approximately USD 10,000).

Passport & Validity: Your passport page must have space for a visa stamp! Best you have one page still blank. At this point, it must also be valid for at least six months after arrival.

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